What is Detailing?

What is Detailing?

In simple words, detailing is a step -by- step process of cleaning, restoring, polishing and protecting each and every section of a vehicle’s interior and exterior finish. A professional detailing job can turn your used car into a showroom car or, it can keep your new car looking new, for years to come.


“Detailing is an activity that combines equipment, chemicals and knowledge of vehicle surfaces to form a systematic & efficient process for the rejuvenation and protection of the vehicle’s interior and exterior finish.”

Why do I need it, is it important?

With the rising cost of new cars, detailing has become a necessity to ensure a constant value and longer life for your car. Just as car insurance is important to protect the driver and the car, auto detailing is like buying additional insurance to protect the beauty and value of the car. The money spent on detailing is a good investment. Keeping that showroom shine and factory fresh interior will fetch you a higher resale value when its time to sell your car and you will be putting a good profit back into your pocket. Not to mention, it will be easier and faster to find a buyer for your vehicle. We all love our cars. It makes us feel great and proud when our cars are shining their best. This is the best reason why you should protect your hard earned investment.