Car Care Tips

You love your car and we do the same. But there are a few enemies of your car too, and it would be in your best interest to guard your car against them. These are a few steps that will ensure protection of your loved possession.

    • Shampoo your car regularly with an auto shampoo, do not use household detergents to wash your car. Always wash your car in a shaded or covered area, not in direct sunlight. The car surface should not be hot, if you can place your hand on the hood, that’s just fine. Always wipe your car dry and don’t leave it wet.
    • Never wipe your car without washing because the dust and dirt on it shall scratch the paint while you wipe. Always rinse the car with a stream of water using a pipe, or if you are using a bucket, soak a sponge or soft cloth in water and rinse starting from the top downward. This way the dust will flow away with the water without causing much damage
    • Avoid scratches. This is easier said than done, but doing a few things right can be very helpful. As and when possible park your car in an enclosed area or at a comfortable distance from the adjacent car, bike or wall, do not dry wipe your car, do not place hard objects on your car surface etc. There are many things that can scratch your car and the list is never ending. But just keep in mind one simple rule, anything that touches your car should be soft.
    • Avoid eating in the car because eatables attract a variety of pests and if left unclean can give out bad odours.

These are just a few basic tips and we would be glad to provide any more detailing info you need, just Email us at or Call us requesting for more details.