Extra Services

Extra services, as the name suggests require extra time, extra effort and extra consumables due to which they will be charged additionally depending upon the extent of damage and the work involved.

Minor/superficial scratch removal and over spray(paint spot) removal

The Process

  • The exterior painted surface of the car is wet sanded using a 1500/2000 grit sanding paper which levels superficial scratches as well as gets rid of overspray (paint spots)
  • After sanding, the paint is compounded using a variable speed rotary polisher to restore the shine
  • Once the shine is restored by compounding, it is followed by polishing
  • This is followed by application and buffing of paint sealant using an orbital polisher

Fungus removal from carpet, seats and interior surfaces

The Process

  • Scraping of fungus by dry brushing
  • Extraction of fungus by vacuuming
  • Steaming the affected surfaces thereby sanitizing and getting rid of any odour

Tough stain removal (eg. ink, oil, grease, beverage stains etc)

The Process

  • Saturation with stain removers
  • Spot steaming to dissolve the stain
  • Spot brushing
  • Extracting the grime
  • The above process may have to be repeated depending upon the severity of the stain