Super Detail

Super Detail is a comprehensive package which will take care of the entire car from head light to tail light (except the under chassis of the car). Therefore, a super detail will include both interior as well as exterior detail and will also include two more valuable services viz. bonnet & engine compartment and trunk cleaning.

The Process

  • Interior detail
  • Exterior detail
  • Bonnet & engine compartment
    • The side edges of the hood are scrub cleaned
    • The hood carpet is brushed, vacuumed and steam cleaned
    • The engine compartment is cleaned manually using a damp cloth
  • Trunk Cleaning
    • The trunk is completely emptied including the spare tyre
    • The empty trunk is vacuumed and scrub cleaned
    • The side edges of the trunk lid as well as the water drain channel are scrub cleaned
    • The trunk carpets are also vacuumed and steam cleaned
    • The spare tyre is also washed

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