Headlight Restoration

Over a period of time, your car’s headlights succumb to environmental factors like UV rays, road debris, acid rain etc. and get oxidized. This oxidation results in a cloudy, foggy and yellowish appearance of the headlights, minimizing the intensity of projected light, causing reduced night visibility thereby making it unsafe and dangerous.

Your headlights are the eyes of your car and if they are dull and hazy, however beautiful and well maintained your car is, it would look very old, ordinary and unattractive.

KAMYO’s headlight restoration not only restores the headlight to a brand new condition but also dramatically improves night visibility and thereby safety. Most importantly it eliminates the need to replace the headlights saving the high cost of headlight replacement.

The Process

  • Wet sanding using different grades of sanding papers to remove oxidation
  • Polishing and resurfacing to retrieve the original crystal clear look of the headlights
  • Application of a protective finishing coat to seal the surface of the restored headlights