Glass Polish

  • Why Glass polish ??
    • Dull Windshield due to aging: Makes driving irritating and prone to an accident.
    • Wiper Marks on the wind shield: Every alternate vehicle has a wiper marks on its windshield; this makes driving quite difficult during night as the coming light scatters while passing through these wiper marks. It also degrades the look of the vehicle.
    • Rainbow Marks on the windshield again leading to light scattering during night drives making it dangerous.
    • Scattering of light during night driving/ Night driving vision problem.
    • Light surface scratches on the windshield.
    • Water marks on the windshield due to unavoidable parking conditions under leaking walls or AC outlets etc.
    • In rainy season untreated glass will not repel water and will form a sheet of water on the windshield which makes it a dangerous condition to drive even with wipers on as in heavy rain even the wipers have their limitations. Treated (polished glass) will repel water and even in heavy rains the wipers may not be needed. Though we would recommend using them and they will clear off even the little droplets.

Earlier windshield replacement was the only solution but now with this innovative technology, windshield restorations can be done within 30 – 45 minutes at very affordable prices. Especially for big and high end cars new windshield costs are really prohibitive.

Most importantly By way of glass restoration, we can also protect our natural resources & Mother Nature as the glass takes almost 1 million years to decompose and is an environmental hazard. Disposing old windshield glass is a matter of concern even for the people in that business.

  • The Process
    Our Glass renewal system ensures distortion free glass repair and the windshield / Glass looks as good as new one. Following are the benefits of Windshield polishing / repair over windshield replacement:
    • Economical: Windshield repair costs less then 25 % of the replacement cost.
    • Fast: On an average windshield repair takes 30 – 45 minutes.
    • To retain original strength: As original fitting provide a powerful bond to vehicle so as to prevent air and water leak also contributes immense strength to the vehicle along with the pillars. Safety tests have shown that the windshield plays very important role in vehicle structural strength, but this is only possible if the windshield get repaired & not replaced.
    • Convenient: The machine required for this purpose is portable and easy to carry.
    • Wise: As all over the world, windshield repairs are preferred over the replacement by customers as well as by the insurance companies, In future Indian insurance companies may prefer repair over the replacement, so that they may save the enormous replacement cost. Our sole aim is to educate the customer to retain the original fitting intact and get it repaired at reasonable prices and save the money and time.