Fleet Detailing

Our tailor made detailing solutions are ideal for fleet owners like luxury hotels, car rental companies, corporate houses etc. If you are a fleet owner and car cleaning has always been a headache, just relax, leave all your car detailing worries to us and concentrate on your core business. We offer customized fleet detailing packages to suit your requirements.

We offer 24 hour continuous upkeep services, which means that our team shall be at your premises round – the – clock and provide services like exterior washing, interior vacuuming, cleaning floor mats, glasses and tyres so that your cars are ready, spic and span, for the next duty. A continuous upkeep service shall be invaluable to fleet owners like luxury hotels or car rental companies and would add a new dimension to your services.

Based on your requirement we can also offer monthly, bimonthly or quarterly detailing contracts for interior or exterior detailing whichever way it suits you.

If this sounds interesting, just get in touch with us and we shall be glad to take over all your car cleaning and detailing worries.

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