Business Opportunity

The Opportunity

  • • The automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world with an annual production of 23.96 million vehicles in FY (fiscal year) 2015-16, following a growth of 2.57 per cent over the last year. New cars are being launched regularly like never before and it has made car purchasing possible for every middle class family in even the smallest of towns and cities. Considering this there is a huge market for detailing, which is increasing in demand and if tapped correctly and professionally, can surely develope into a very profitable business.

  • • Car owners want to maintain their latest cars in pristine condition, as a car reflects the owner's personality. Due to a lack of Professional Detailers many car owners reluctantly go to local mechanics and garages (because they don't have a choice) for their car cleaning and polishing needs and return unsatisfied. These car owners are desperately looking for qualified professional detailers who can provide them professional services for their valuable cars and are willing to pay for the high quality which cannot be offered by the local mechanic or garage.

  • • After buying latest cars, owners also want to preserve their cars as new for a longer period, which will also fetch them a better resale value.

  • • Premium Car Rentals, Luxury Hotels, Corporates want their cars to be in showroom condition as it directly reflects on their businesses and hence are demanding professional detailers to maintain their fleet.

What We Offer

  • • Experience : We are detailing cars in Mumbai since 1997 and have built our reputation on quality, service and relationships which has enabled us to add top notch individuals, luxury hotels, corporates and premium car rentals on our list of clientele. We at Kamyo offer a complete start up package including equipment, material and full training necessary to build a successful detailing business and to get you started right from the first day.

  • • Training : We provide extensive practical and theoretical training on how to start up and run a successful professional detailing business. Our team of trainers provide onsite training, so as to train and guide you in the actual environment that you are going to work in. The program shall cover each and every aspect of interior as well as exterior detailing and provide you with all intricate details of running a successful detailing business. In short, instead of learning by trial and error (mistakes and losses), you shall learn from our more than 19 years of experience and hence avoid any initial teething problems. You can start detailing cars right from the first day after training.
    The program shall also cover guidance in marketing, pricing, invoicing, maintenance of inventory etc.

  • • Supply : We supply all the required detailing equipment and detailing material / consumables, so you are ready to start without any hiccups.

  • • Support : Even after the training we'll provide all the support you need, for as long as you need it.

Professional detailing is a unique and niche market. Today, this market is very disorganised and unprofessional and there are very few qualified detailers. Hence there is a huge demand for professional detailers who can provide high quality detailing and therein lies the opportunity.

So if you have a strong desire to succeed, a sincere and strong work ethic and a commitment to quality, just fill in your details.