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Looking for best car wash service centers near your place that can offer best services at a reasonable cost? Just click into to get the details of our services. We at Kamyo have well-experienced staffs. Though it is called as a car wash service, there is a lot more to do in it.

We offer Full Service Wash to your car which is just like the basic wash along with professional car interior cleaning; vacuum cleaning the passenger floor area, inside window panel and window and dashboards are cleaned. All our car wash packages will offer a choice between either only exterior or full service.  And all our car wash services are offered with a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. We are ready to rewash the cars until customers are happy and satisfied. The best offer that attracts most of our customers is doorstep service. We are just a call away to reach to your doorstep to offer to you the exclusive car wash services. There is no need to waste any time in taking your car to a different place to get it serviced and washed. We will be right there at your place to serve.

Yes, just washing the car with some tubes, cream, and fresh water is not all about it. We do more than just washing the car exteriors. The vehicle will be pressure washed near tire and wheels, 2 separate pre-soak cleaners are used to remove grime and dried dirt. Along with the 2 special detergents, we also use a soft cloth to clean and also smoothen the body of the vehicle. This is then rinsed with fresh water and blow-dried to get the best finishing.

Apart from the above-mentioned offers, we make sure our service prices are listed on our website to help customers to pick the right type of service that suits their needs. We do exterior detailing, interior detailing, and Super detail (interior+ external service). Visit our website to get details of various car wash packages and we also have La Cart menu for you to choose specific servicing for your vehicle. La cart will help you to reduce your expense by choosing the exact service that is required for example Bug or Pollen blaster, salt removal, underbody wash and much more. Car Spa at Kamyo is well recognized for its unique service and customer satisfaction.

Visit our website to get more details about the services, timings, customer testimonials and latest news. So anytime you have a need to give a whole new look to your car, reach out to us at Kamyo, and we will offer the best services in the city to ensure you are satisfied.

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